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Hello, this is Hobby Japan! We import, develop and sell board games. If you have a game that looks interesting, please give us a support button!
Cat in the box Last updated
Welcome to the world of mysterious quantum and cats. These cats don't know their coat color until they observe them. But are the observations really correct? If the paradox happened ...? A slightly unusual trick-taking that you don't know the color until you put it out! It is a cat. I look forward to working with you. (Details are currently being observed)
Clock worker Last updated
Old-fashioned robots were left on the earth, which was devastated by scientific civilization and abandoned by humankind. A few years later, they awakened to self-consciousness and restarted the remains of humankind .... This is a remake of the masterpiece time difference worker placement "Planetorico"! (For details, please wait for the robots to complete their work)
Pirates Legend Last updated
Become the captain of a pirate ship and run around the sea in search of treasure! But the true value of this game is after the winner is decided. "New rules" and "new components" will appear from scratches on the treasure map scraped by the winner! It is a legacy game where the game itself changes, not the story!
Juicy fruit Last updated
Use the fruits harvested from your island to attract businesses and achieve great success! A game with a puzzle-like system created by the designer of "Pictures"!