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Ch.Banesto # 060 ROAM
Ch.Banesto # 059 Orb Hunters
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Game Store Banest
Game Store Banest is a board game specialty store in Nagoya, which was founded in 1999. Aiming to "provide good things", the board game market and the people who actually play board games We will be able to provide support such as environmental improvement and growth. Thank you for your support.
Orb hunters Last updated
"Orb Hunters" is a game where you become an adventurer seeking relics and gain more treasure while avoiding damage. For each treasure, adventurers are sent out to acquire it, but acquisition comes at a cost. Be aware that special effects can cause your character to die or be scouted, and even if an adventurer in your camp successfully seeks treasure, he will die if he has the most injured points. Compare the strength of special effects and cards in a row.
The Game: Quick & Easy Last updated
"The Game: Quick & Easy" is a cooperative game of how to put out all the number cards. When it's your turn, take out one or two cards by choosing one of the piles from your hand, and draw as many cards as you put out. The numbers in ascending order must always be higher than the ones already issued. Also, the numbers in descending order must always be smaller than the ones already issued. You can use any number as long as you put the same color. You can talk to each other, talk about cards, and talk about who should put them where, but you are not allowed to say the actual numbers. When you run out of decks, continue playing without drawing cards. You win the game if you play out all the cards.
Loam Italian version Last updated
"Roam" is a game of camp and extended reproduction that wakes you up from sleep by finding characters and creatures that have fallen asleep with sleeping sickness spreading to every corner in the land of ancient civilizations and strange creatures. A game in which you select your character, place a marker on the field consisting of 6 cards consisting of 6 squares of 2x3, acquire the card with the possession right of each card, and convert it into a character. Since each character has instructions on how to place markers, it is a camp + extended reproduction game where the point is how to place them effectively, and there are also bids when there is a tie. It is recommended for games where the rules are simple and it takes about 30 minutes even though there are so many elements.
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