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Ch.Banesto Extrablatt # 016 for 2021 / Banest Gemma Live 2021 [Introduction of Banest's board game]
Game Store Vanest
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Game Store Banest
Game Store Banest is a board game specialty store in Nagoya, which was founded in 1999. Aiming to "provide good things", the board game market and the people who actually play board games We will be able to provide support such as environmental improvement and growth. Thank you for your support.
Sequoia Last updated
"Sequoia" is a dice roll allocation game that tries to grow the tallest tree in 11 forests. If you have the tallest tree after 10 turns, you can get victory points for that forest. You can grow two trees from each forest each turn. Winning or losing depends on which tree you choose. Will you continue to fight in the forest with your competitors, or will you start growing trees elsewhere? You will be wrestling with the dice to grow the tree you want. Sequoia is a game of choosing a battle. Dies always give you a choice, but it's a difficult choice. When each forest is tied, there is an additional tiebreaker turn and a fierce competition awaits.
Mountain Goats Last updated
"Mountain Goats" is a dice game where you can move a goat to the top of 6 mountains and get points by being on the top of the mountain. Mountain goats are mountain goats that live in North America. You can share space with other goats in the middle space, but you can only have one goat at the top of each mountain, and if another goat moves to the top, you will have to be kicked off and start climbing again. Instead of just going to the summit, you need to go to the summit at a time when no one will kick you. It's also a game of identifying opponents, and you also need to increase your score so that other players don't lose your score. You can also enjoy kicking each other off the mountain, and kicking off the player with the highest score can interfere with the opponent.
Banest Playmat Last updated
"Vanest Playmat" is a neoprene rubber mat. The size is 91 cm square, the thickness is 2 mm, and the spring strike logo is thinly inserted in the bright green area.