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Welcome to the GP booth! Introducing the latest work scheduled to be released this year.
"TwixT" That masterpiece is a long-awaited revival! * Limited number of pre-sale Last updated
Despite being evaluated as a masterpiece, "TwixT", which has been out of print for a long time worldwide, is finally revived by GP. This is a two-player battle game that aims to connect the board from one end to the other with your own piece before the opponent (there is also a rule for a team battle with four players). Since the routes of each other intersect vertically and horizontally, defense = attack, and it is a wonderful game design that if you get through the pinch well, you will switch to chance at once.
This year's most talked-about work "The Crew 9th Planet Exploration Japanese Version" Last updated
German Annual Game Awards (Expert Category), German game award This year's most talked-about work that won the double award! Although it is a game of the genre of trick-taking, this work adds an element of "cooperation" to it. Thinking, reasoning, and sense are tested on how to put out the cards. The "feeling of accomplishment" when you cooperate and clear the mission is irresistible! It's a game that makes you want to play again and again.
The topical work "Katan Space Pioneer Edition" that sweeps the world Last updated
Catan continues to develop, and the stage of pioneering is finally in space. The long-awaited item "Katan Space Pioneer Edition", which was released in 1999 and was out of print! Board a spaceship and travel to a distant planet. Various planets will appear on the way, increasing the number of bases and proceeding with the development to the depths of the universe. An event where you encounter aliens, a spaceship with an overwhelming presence will liven up the game! * This product is not an extended version and can be played alone.
Escape room set for 2 people Last updated
An escape game for 2 players that you can play at home! Includes 2 scenarios for 2 people that are easy for couples, friends, couples and siblings to play! Moreover, if you don't have the basic set this time, you can also play with the smartphone app!