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Somehow you can understand the flow of Bodge printing
Tokyo Sidekick # 1 [Ultra High Speed ​​Preparation Video]
Little Future (Overseas Printing)
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Little Future (Little Cum)
This is the board game company Little Future. Print manufacturing "Little Works", Original game "Little Smic", Board game cafe "Little Cave" etc. We are engaged in various businesses related to board games. Printing is supported even for less than 500 copies! !!
Recommendations for printing board games Last updated
We accept printing of board games. With 3 plans, you can print according to your needs. There are unique services such as printing proposals that match the game content and a manual check service by the staff of the board game production company.
Tokyo Sidekick # 1 (3rd edition) Last updated
What if there was a superhero in Tokyo ...? The American comic-style cooperative board game with the theme is finally resold! !! Heroes running around Tokyo "Solving the case in the city" "Defeat the approaching villain" "Defeat the last boss" I aim to do that. ・ American comic style ・ Many characters ・ Cooperation game ・ Deck construction If you are attracted to the elements of, please come and step into the world of Tokyo Sidekick. Sold at mass retailers and mail-order sites nationwide (scheduled to be released on July 3) Official site: Official mail order:
6,980 tax included