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Square Baseball Excite Neo (short ver.)
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We produce and sell full-scale brain-based baseball board games, shogi + soccer tactics soccer board games, easy but difficult to capture putter golf card games, and card games that sell bread as a bakery. I will. Please visit our website for purchase!
Bakery match Last updated
Easy and simple pattern matching card game. Sell ​​more and more bread to match your request! !! Sales match with rival stores! The player becomes a bakery and has five bread cards. Draw the customer card lying down on the deck and purchase any bread of the genre you want (sweet bread, side dish bread, simple bread, bread). If not, please wait until you return or purchase bread. There are also happening cards such as spy cards and media cards! Compete for the amount of sales. Inventory is negative! The prices below include tax and shipping charges are not included.
Putt putt-putt putt- Last updated
Easy but difficult ?! Putter golf card game! Super simple & time saving but, difficult to capture! Read through the grass and aim for a cup-in! Select the required number of ball cards from the distance to the cup, and predict the route (line) from the degree of bending of the ball cards. After rotating the putter card and deciding the direction to hit, arrange the ball cards. Compete for the distance to the cup-in with one stroke, or compete for the number of strokes until the cup-in. Two players can play at the same time! You can play with any number of people if you play in order. Space recognition based on the sense of distance to the cup, calculation of the angle of the ball card, and other elements that are useful for education! The prices below include tax and shipping charges are not included.
Square soccer tactics Last updated
Shogi + soccer. You can move the ball with 11 players to embody realistic tactical soccer. From "Move", "Kick", and "Charge", play 3 moves alternately for offense and defense. "Move" is 1 square in all directions. "Kick" is an "inside kick" with no mistakes up to 2 squares. A "grounder kick" that advances by the number of dice and hits an ally to change the angle for one-touch play or volley kick. There is a "lob kick" that is a long ball that jumps over the enemy's head. "Charge" competes for the ball in a dice game. The prices below include tax and shipping charges are not included.
Square Baseball Excite Neo Last updated
Pitcher vs batter's ball distribution game for each ball. When the batter hits, the whereabouts of the hit ball change depending on "dice" + "batter's ability" + "where the ball was caught in the bat", and a reasonable hit judgment enhances the sense of reality. In addition, there are defensive elements such as pitcher's stamina shortage, stolen base, advancement, and close play such as touch-up, so you can enjoy full-scale brain-based baseball. There is a player directory of 56 unique players from 4 teams. The heavy game specification up to 9 times is the most recommended, but if you do not have time, you can also use the tie-break method up to 1 to 3 times. The prices below include tax and shipping charges are not included.