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[Yagi Lab] Susie Q --A board and pen game that can be played remotely, confronting with decreasing numbers
[Gogo Lab] 5 × 5 ZOO --Arrange animals according to customer's request! Worker placement & tile placement game
[Play video] Scenery of just playing Susie Q @ Yokohama Rigore
[Play video] Scenery of just playing 5x5 ZOO @ Yokohama Rigore
Bombsquad introduction short movie
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OKAZU brand
The OKAZU brand is a circle that creates board games and card games and announces them to Japan and overseas. Click here for information blog Activity record & award history Mail order site
5 × 5 ZOO Last updated
Time: 45 minutes, Age: 8 years and over, Number of people: 1-4 A zoo just for you, made with tile arrangement! Can worker placement and tile placement create a zoo that will satisfy visitors and make it prosperous?
Bombsquad Last updated
Time: 30 minutes, Age: 10 years old and over, Number of people: 2-5 people A cooperative game where everyone dismantles bombs by arranging tiles in the same way as Old Maid! Complete 50 missions with one feeling!
Stock Hold'em Last updated
Time: 40 minutes, Age: 10 years old and over, Number of people: 3-6 stock prices operated by poker! Flying banknotes! Let's aim for big profits by buying and selling stocks!
Susie Q Last updated
Time: 10 minutes, Age: 8 years old and over, Number of people: 2-5 people Each player makes a 3-digit number from 10 numbers from 0 to 9 and competes! As the game progresses, the numbers you can use will decrease and you will have to make more difficult decisions. You can enjoy different play feelings with the two rules.
Kickstarter Navi, a useful information site for Kickstarter for Japan, has prepared a special page to support the production and overseas expansion of Japanese board game creators!
I'm interested in crowdfunding, but I can't take a step ..... I want to make an overseas version, but I don't know how to do it ... English support seems difficult .....
Creators who have troubles such as! Kickstarter will support you!