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16th Game Market Delivery HORIBA-Cat Majo
Horiba studio
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Horiba Studio
Game designer: Wataru Horiba Artwork: Tachibanai Sagi
Castle of light Last updated
This game comes with two titles, "Castle of Light" and "Noraneko also wants to enter our house". Both games fall into the category of "wargames", but the rules are relatively simple. "Castle of Light" is a game about the battle of elves who challenge the final battle to regain the castle that was robbed by the dragon. "I want to enter my home with feral cats" is a game about the battle between domestic cats and feral cats. If you are interested in wargames, but have a little murderous theme, this is a game that you should definitely play. Limited price on the 27th!
Cat Majo Last updated
"Cat Majo" is a mini-game collection containing four games. As the title suggests, all games use cat pieces. The difficulty of the game is not so high, so even elementary school students can play it. Each game lasts about 15 minutes per play, so it's perfect for a little free time or a change of pace.
Tokyo Resistance Last updated
Tokyo Resistance is a game that depicts the battle between the Resistance, which aims to overthrow the government, and the security forces, who try to prevent the attempt. Resistance that is superior to the number but inferior in mobility. On the other hand, the security forces are a small number of elite who excel in attack power and mobility. Command units of different qualities and aim for victory! Limited price on the 27th!