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Mitsuo Yamamoto. I have been creating abstract board games for 30 years. Over 50 works. In recent years, we have been selling original games to the world using Kickstarter. Starting in 2019, KOZO will be available worldwide from Winning Moves USA, Four Senses from Helvetiq in Switzerland, and Mitsudomoe from Nestor Games in Spain.
Megateh Megaten: Aim Last updated
"Megaten: Megate" <This is not a game for the visually impaired, but a board game that anyone can play on an equal footing with or without visual impairment>. Both visually impaired and visually impaired can sit at the same table and enjoy the game while chatting happily. It's easy to play. This is a game in which 3 types of pieces are placed one by one on the board, and 4 pieces are arranged in steps of 1, 2 or 3 steps or pieces of the same type, or 4 pieces are arranged at the same height. You can play with 2 to 6 people. The biggest feature is ● It is designed so that you can get all the information to play the game with just the information you touch. -Since there are three types of pieces, a flat piece, a perforated piece, and a reversible piece that combines two pieces, you can easily identify the piece. ● The depth of the holes in the board reflects the rules, and even if you place pieces on the two-tiered pieces, they will not be fixed on the board, so you cannot place pieces that are not legal hands. ● On the contrary, if you place the pieces correctly, the holes will firmly fix the pieces, and even if you feel free to touch them, the pieces will not move or shift. ● The small tiles on the side of the board are not just decorations, but also serve as markers for blind people to check the direction of the board. Even if your opponent inadvertently rotates the board, you can check the position of the board yourself. ● When all the pieces are stored, everything fits neatly and becomes flat, so you can prevent the pieces from being lost. This game is designed so that 100% of people with visual disabilities can enjoy playing on an equal footing without any inconvenience.
Yonmoque Last updated
This is a board game in which you place 6 pieces and move them to line up 4 pieces vertically, horizontally and diagonally. The feature is that if you move the pieces and pinch the enemy pieces, you can turn over the enemy pieces like Othello and make them your own color. The unique board design is devised to control the movement of the pieces. The tiled pieces and board have a presence suitable for adult games, such as the feel, weight, and sound when the pieces are placed on the board, which draws the player into the game world. Recently, we have received many inquiries and orders regarding Yonmoque, so this is additional information. An android version of the Yonmoque free app made by a student at Okutama Japanese Language School last year has also been released. The AI ​​is super weak, but it's great for checking rules and playing trials. It's free, so if you have an Android version, please try it. You can download it from the Google Store below. The Standard size (15 cm) board is light and compact, so it is convenient to carry. Board size: 15 x 15 cm Piece: 19 mm Diameter round Material: Tile Boxed weight: 382 g Number of people: 2 Time: 3 to 15 minutes Age: 10 years old ~ Strategy degree: 7 Invented: 1997 A long-selling product, a masterpiece of the author (Mitsuo Yamamoto).
Hito: TOBITO Last updated
This is an abstract game that allows 2 to 4 players to play against each other. It is a simple and simple game in which the player who moves three pieces to the opposite position quickly wins, but since you can move the enemy piece by piece jump, you can move the piece forward as you wish. It is a game with "frustration" that cannot be done. Tobito: TOBITO is running a campaign on Kickstarter until 10am on June 30th. Shipping to Japan is free shipping.
Tac-Tile Choss Touch piece: Chos Last updated
This game is visually impaired or not <A game that anyone can play on an equal footing without any hindrance>. Basic components of "texture pieces" Three types of tiles with different shapes, round, square, and flower, are pasted on the back of the piece. White (no dots), black (1 dot), pink (2 dots), and blue (3 dots) dot stickers are attached to the back tiles to identify the colors. By touching this with your finger, you can see the type of piece. There are 2 white, black, pink, and blue in each of the 3 shapes, and the basic set is a total of 24 pieces and a total of 25 pieces including the "angel" piece that hits the joker of playing cards. The basic game of texture pieces, "Alignment", is a game in which the shape and color of the tiles are combined to create "Alignment" and the score is competed. [Number of players] 2 to 4 players are recommended (up to 6 players are possible). [Piece] Use all 25 pieces. You can play various games like playing cards by using this piece and the scoring system. If you apply it to an existing game, you can play it as a more strategic game. The basic game "Alignment" is the original masterpiece.
Tile goita pieces Last updated
We will make to order "Goita pieces" made of tiles (porcelain). There are three points and features of production as follows. 1: The tile uses a 20mm square size tile so that 8 pieces fit in the palm of your hand. 2: Place the tiles on the table and put them together so that they stand up stably. 3: Dots are displayed at the four corners of the tile so that the score of the piece can be easily understood. Since there are 50 kings and balls, it is designed with a double circle. It comes in a box and comes with a certified logo mark. It has been certified by the Japan Goita Association as a "tile piece goita". Official No.19-12-2