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[God game] The fierce battle for 3 minutes "Awatenbo Santa Claus" is too great
[Board game] Not enough units! ?? Earn college credits! Escape from Offtun I tried playing [Escape from Offtun]
I want a unit! But sleepy! Escape from Offtun
HLKT workshop
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HLKT workshop
We are aiming for a game that makes you laugh, but you can think about it. From 6/28 10:30, multiple circles will jointly broadcast the game introduction live!
Hurry Santa Claus Last updated
Number of people: 3-5 people Time: 5-10 minutes Age: 9 years old ~ ■ Game overview The player is Santa Claus in a hurry who arrived at the site on the 24th. I forgot my watch at home, so I will measure it for 24 hours and leave a present. Who can put the present first on the 25th? ?? You can download the manual from the link below.
Faith currency Last updated
Buy and sell currencies that are proof of your faith and collect a lot of faith! Detailed rules can be downloaded from the URL below. ■ Number of people 2-5 people ■ Target age 10 years old and above ■ Play time 30-45 minutes
Escape from Offtun Last updated
The game consists of a four-round attendance phase followed by an exam phase. In the class phase, each player selects one of "quickly", "normally", "5 minutes left", and "sabo". You will get lesson cards in the order in which you wake up quickly. In the test phase, draw a wake-up card randomly for the remaining physical strength. The score written on the drawn card and the lesson card obtained in the lesson phase will be the points, and the player with the highest score will be the winner. Detailed rules can be downloaded from the link below.