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[Gemma 2020 Autumn] "Pakupaku Park" [Introduction of Attowan's Bodge! ]
[Pakupaku Park / Kawasaki Factory] Easy-to-understand video of the game
Kawasaki Factory
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Kawasaki Factory
Kawasaki Factory is a non-corporate board game production team. Kawasaki Factory Manager (Shin Kawasaki) is the system designer, and yas-o is the producer and public relations. In addition, at events such as the game market, we gather members to help us each time. Started activities in 2003 and has produced many games to this day. As a Japanese designer, games are published by overseas game publishers at the earliest. There are 11 titles published by companies in the overseas version and 10 titles in the Japanese version. "It was unlikely" "Gamers can introduce to friends and family who do not know the game" We are developing day and night games based on the concept.
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Guide animals with food! A heartwarming brain battle for two Each of the three animals has their own favorite food. Place the food chips and guide the animals to your side so that you can get used to them. The one who gets used to more animals wins. You can play with two types of rules: a casual mode with 30% luck and a complete brain battle with 0% luck.