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I played the TRPG escape game "UREG-dressed Demon Castle" at the TRPG studio-first half-
I tried playing the TRPG escape game "UREG-dressed Demon Castle" at the TRPG studio-second half-
I want to convey the fun of the TRPG escape game "UREG" 1 (question)
I want to convey the fun of the TRPG escape game "UREG" 2 (Answer)
Summon skating commentary video-skating puzzle RPG-
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Nyarlathotep Last updated
This is a remake of the past work "Hitomon-Nyarlathotep's Feast-". --A world whose fate depends on the gods. As a village resident, some love the peaceful daily life. Some are fanatics who want to revive the evil god and rule it. Some break the seal and as an evil god who wants more freedom. Some are just for pleasure, as a pillar who wants chaos and confusion. An act involving various speculations begins now-- ・ High quality components With the cooperation of BGM, the quality of boxes and cards, such as paper quality and embossing, has improved. ・ Adopt respawn A normal werewolf cannot continue to participate in the game if hung, but the respawn system allows you to play until the middle stage without dropping out. ・ Can be played by a small number of people The number of players is from 5 people. You can play with a small number of people without losing the wolf-ness. ・ Reduction of mental addition Although it is a human wolf with a strong element of confrontation game, the existence of "GM" as an enemy common to all players also creates a cooperative element. Also, instead of discussing and "hanging", the expression "exile" is used to make it mild. Since the target to be "exiled" is not the character himself but the character shown on the character card, it acts like a "substitute". ・ Fully online You can try it out with "Udonarium". Please download from the official website below and read the ZIP in Udonarium. Purchasers can download all card data by entering the password (planned). The price is a consignment fee, and Gemma will distribute it for 1900 yen.