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Loto & Beyser Games (loto & beyser games) Day 1 trial
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Loto & Beyser Games (loto & beyser games)
We will carry out a preliminary test play of the new word game scheduled to be announced in the fall of 2020. We are currently looking for participants. If you would like to participate, please contact us via Twitter DM. [Twitter] [URL delivered on the first day] [URL delivered on the second day]
Planetary explosion ~ 10 days until escape ~ (stock is low) Last updated
A fully cooperative board game that aims to escape from an exploding planet. We will proceed with the restoration of the space station while avoiding trouble once every two days. Make full use of the power suit with extremely powerful functions and escape safely!
[Game Market Special Price] Gold Mining Language-Aim! A lot of money ~ Last updated
Each player becomes a miner in the western pioneer era, mining a lot of gold and aiming to become a "gold mine king" Twelve gold mining cities have mining volumes and maximum mining times, and use horses and minecarts to improve efficiency. Look ahead to the trends of other players, mine gold more than anyone else and aim to be the "gold mine king"
Perfect Alliance Last updated
A pioneering game that uses resources (weapons, items, monsters) to clear the quest conditions. Each player drafts (selects and obtains) resources and quests on his turn. In the draft, when the conditions are met, the players will become friends and aim to clear the quest with the friends who are finally decided. Each player must draft while disclosing information. Get the card while thinking about who you want to partner with to your advantage!
Hanju series (stock is only Tamanosho) Last updated
This is a detective game that uses the radicals of kanji and the number of strokes as hints to infer the four-character idioms of your opponent. For Yojijukugo, select 2 cards to use in play from the 5 cards in the first hand and start the game. Infer your opponent's four-character idioms while avoiding hitting your opponent's four-character idioms!