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Thus I became a dictator-end of the Edo period-online play by actors
The evil god is in this! Play video-first half-
The evil god is in this! Play video-second half-
"Crown of Poison" play video
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Creative AHC
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Creative AHC
President Amaochi: AHC representative. Game Market Grand Prize 2019 Excellence Award Winner "Thus I Became a dictator" TRPG "Encounter with MSS Cthulhu Mythos" Executive Producer of Analog Game General Magazine "All Gamers" / Naobu: "Evil God is in this Iru "/ Shade:" Crown of Poison "/ Think:" Saint and Witch "" All Gamers "Editor-in-Chief
The evil god is in this Last updated
An evil god vs human game that bets on the hidden world! Some of the players have succeeded in the ritual of the advent of the evil god! !! The evil god comes down to the most crazy human beings. Is it that guy? Maybe I am?
Poison Crown Online Last updated
Creative AHC The classic card game "The Crown of Poison" is back online! The ugliest battle begins here for those who aim for the old king's back pot. Poison just to win. All players are enemies and only one survives. Identity concealment and voting / batting game "Crown of Poison" Resurrected online!
Thus I became a dictator-end of the Edo period- Last updated
The second game market grand prize 2019 collection award winning work! Identity concealment, complete fair start, no initial camp, no dropout No need to lie, freedom of cooperation betrayal You can play and win without discussing! This is the end of the Tokugawa shogunate of a hidden discussion game that was said to be revolutionary!