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[Hansel and Gretel Candy Forest Guide] Game Market 2021 Spring New Board Game Introduction
Where am I? ~ Alice in a Mad Teaparty ~ [Rule Video]
CASTER-Trick-taking board game!
We had the voice actor play the board game [Snow White's Apple Roulette]. Part 1
[Snow White and the Mysterious Apple Coolet] A real mystery solving game! There is also a gift plan! * Caution for spoilers [Board game introduction]
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GOTTA2 (gotta2)
Board game production / sales & GOTTA2 running a board game cafe! ↓ ↓ Click here for cafe information! ↓ ↓ It is a board game cafe located 8 minutes on foot from Takadanobaba and 5 minutes on foot from Nishiwaseda. Equipped with Free Wifi! Please use only coffee! The clerk will give a polite lecture even for one person! Currently, only weekday reservations are open, the store is open on Saturdays and Sundays, and business hours are from 13:00 to 20:00. Phone: 03-6873-5139 Reservation form:
Where am i? Alice in a mad tea party regular edition Last updated
Get ready for a nice tea party! Take a good seat while watching everyone! But wait! If you're too greedy, you'll know who you are! When everyone is seated, we'll start a tea party! Did you sit in the nicest seat?
CASTER -Caster- Last updated
An apprentice wizard trick-taking game. "CASTER" is a trick-taking game in which the start player only issues one card at a time. There is a limit to the number of tricks you can take, so it's important to know when you can take the trick. Determine the battle situation well and hit a blow of conscience.
Snow White Applelet Last updated
Protect Snow White from the Queen and the betrayal dwarf. Introducing an identity concealment game where you can enjoy hot reasoning and psychological warfare. The definitive version of the identity concealment system that does not require a master Depending on the character cards dealt, the Snow White camp, Queen camp, and Third camp are decided. Be aware that apple tiles will be passed to each player, and if you have a poisoned apple at the end of the game, you will die.
Flip over Frog Last updated
A 4x4 square battle. Turn the card over and turn your symbol face up to secure your position. Predict the opponent's symbol and turn it over. A simple game that anyone can play right away.
Snow White and the mysterious Apple Coolet Last updated
The upcoming Snow White Apple Coolet is a full-scale puzzle-solving game that you can play carefully. Let's solve the mystery and help Snow White. Comes with a bonus card that can be used in the previous work "Snow White's Apple Roulette". Lots of characters and story cards. Includes a promotional card that you can play with Snow White's Apple Coolet.