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Fantasy tabletop
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Fantasy tabletop world
It is a fantasy tabletop world of card games that may be easy with TRPG. HP has recently skipped updates ...
House turmoil-mud- Last updated
It is a survival game where you run away or chase after the lord who died in the war to decide the successor. There are 5 characters, and each character has 5 fixed cards in his hand. Place it face down in the field so that you can see the result after placement. Characters with high inheritance order can endure by making full use of defense cards, while characters with low inheritance order aim at Gekokujo with attack cards. Expansion cards "Distortion" and "Big Black Pillar" included For 3-5 people
Phantasm Force Fantasy Last updated
It is an original TRPG rule book of the fantasy tabletop world. The genre is high fantasy. Make your own technique and survive the pinch! Replay expands to Volume ⑥ + EX. The second term is also in preparation
Fairy angel TRPG Last updated
This is a derivative TRPG rule book that puts the original rules on the work that was previously developed in the media mix, in which the animals go to give back to the master who took care of them during their lifetime. It is also recommended for beginners with relatively simple rules.
Butt Volcano Last updated
It is a draft chicken race that attacks the last minute so that the buttocks do not volcano while eating spicy curry. If you are in a state of breaking the limit, you can go anywhere without any restrictions. If the limit breakthrough is canceled, the future of despair (toilet) is waiting ...