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Playing cards CM at home
Mischievous YOKAI
Mr. Trite who does not know the circumstances comes
When I moved out, it was Fukuoka
Nerima Yako Board game meeting
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Nerima Oyako Board Game Association
We are holding an Oyako board game event in Nerima Ward. Introducing interesting card games with illustrations so that you can have a good time at home easily.
Playing cards at home 2 Last updated
Introducing the rules of 12 card games created in Japan in recent years. We mainly recorded thinking games that can be enjoyed by 3 or more people. A5 version 156 pages. This is a new issue published in 2020.
Playing cards at home Separate volume Must follow practice Let's enjoy playing cards! Last updated
Introducing 12 creative games using special playing cards called must-follow practice playing cards, which makes it clear what mark you have on the back color. A5 size 38 pages. Comes with a special book case that can store 3 books in the series. This is a new issue published in 2020. This book is an event-only distribution.
Playing cards at home << Popular version >> Last updated
In addition to the ones introduced on the web, two new games have been added to the book. Introducing 15 games that you can play at home, focusing on small-group games that can be enjoyed by two people. A5 version 168 pages. The popular version is published in 2018.