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[Slow voice] FOGSITE / Taku Yuroku 31 Part 1
[Board game] Game market award winning work! Get rid of the fog with the power of relics! [FOGSITE]
[Slow voice] FOGSITE / Taku Yuroku 31 Part 2
[Board game] FOG SITE play video digest
[Board game] I tried playing FOGSITE [Play video]
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This is SoLunerG (Solner Games). We are producing original analog games with the concept of "to the extreme of" play "that we have not yet seen." Now that we are full of digital, we want to value analog experiences. Until the sun rises and the moon sets, we aim to create a novel and attractive work that will allow you to forget the time and be absorbed in it. [Game Market Award 2019 🏆 FOG SITE / Wedding Ring / Shunka Shunsai / Mimic Arts / Everlasting Summer Diary / Enishie Senjo / I want to get hooked]
FOGSITE 3rd Edition Last updated
■ Received the "Game Market Grand Prize 2019" Grand Prize! Asymmetrical maze exploration game [2-4 people / 30 minutes / 10 years old and over] Set in an ancient ruin filled with thick fog, one guardian and multiple research teams will face each other. The Guardian creates a maze and interferes with the groping expedition. The investigation team aims to join the stray friends by mapping and reasoning. It's a middleweight game where you can enjoy conversations and reactions, and sometimes think carefully. ■ Since the Arclight version is scheduled to be released this winter, the original (SoLuner G) version will be discontinued as soon as it is sold out. Check it out if you want to play fast or if you like this world view! A small number of "basic set separately" will be in stock during the Gemma Live period.
FOGSITE Expansion: Evil Invasion [PnP Version] Last updated
■ Expansion set that will be the sequel to FOGSITE with the theme of Cthulhu mythos [3-4 people / 40 minutes / 12 years old and over] Players will collaborate with Hastur, the evil god who aims to revive using believers, and the cult's ambitions. Divide into the explorers to block and confront. New elements such as cults, invincible Hastur, dice rolls, mental illness, and skills have been added during the game. ■ The price has been halved from the product version by the "PnP (Print and Play)" method that allows you to play by printing the data. As a privilege only for the PnP version, newly drawn illustrations have been added to the cult coma, haster coma, and altar coma.