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[Ridge gear (green onion)] Alone, he devises game systems, creates illustrations, creates components, packs, and publicizes. I like to think about game systems. I'm not good at creating illustrations and designs (but I have to do it because there is only one person). The name comes from the typo "Please gear" "Please gear".
Trick party Last updated
Halloween night. A contest to decide the scariest ghost is held! Aim to win the contest with a mysterious card that reverses the ranking! However, be careful as the last one will drop out in the morning sun! A simple trick game.
Dice pop Last updated
The spirit of luck, "Dice Pokkuru," is busy changing "luck" today !? Players can change the dice by using the cards dealt as the fairy of luck "Dice Pokkuru"! However, the card effect applies to everyone. Who is closest to the "theme"? Let's challenge the ability to manipulate "luck"! !!
Bremen lace Last updated
"Town Musicians of Bremen" who kicked out thieves and lived happily. However, as I was just playing around, I soon ran out of money. The troubled party decided to hold a race and ask the people in the city to bet money. For some reason, "rats" and "elephants" also joined, and it developed into a big race where the city was sweating! Let's become one of the spectators and predict the race ranking! !!
Large Bora Curry Last updated
A "identity-seeking" game in which a clerk (parent) and a customer (child) fight separately. A clerk who wants to find someone who ate spicy curry. Collude with friends A customer who pretends to eat spicy curry. Inspired by a 30-second conversation A simple psychological warfare game to find the real thing.
The contract of the stars Last updated
Tanabata night. Orihime and Hikoboshi are unable to return to their original constellations because of their long stay. Players should place a star passage in the night sky to return Orihime and Hikoboshi to their original constellations. A two-player cooperative game that you can consult and play with your memory.
Authenticity game Last updated
Welcome to "Secret Transactions". A "secret transaction" in which only selected antique dealers can participate. You must participate in this transaction alone and obtain a number of eye-popping treasures. But be careful. No one says that all the treasures are real.
Fuji-san Last updated
It is said that there are about 300,000 types of surnames in Japan. This game is a game to remember where the card with the surname was placed. Each card has 1 point, but 3 or more cards with the same surname can be suppressed to 0 points. Reduce your mistakes and aim for victory with the mistakes of others.