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Anti-worker circle
Roudou literary circle. In addition to the new "feature monster" and "T-shirt that dies after 10 turns", the card game "This overwork death is amazing! "Games that customers really needed" "Heisei GO" are now being distributed!
T-shirt that dies after 10 turns Last updated
First in history? !! The first in the "Battle T-shirt" series to wear and play! Appeared dignifiedly! A battle between a virus and a patient on a T-shirt with a map of the human body (organ)! Before the 10th turn, the virus eats the patient! Patients should eradicate the virus!
Heisei GO Last updated
Let's rebuild the disjointed "Heisei" with your own hands! 1 year of Heisei = 1 newspaper article card! (There is also fake news) The article image is reproduced with a pattern that represents the year! Is there such a pattern or such a pattern? !!
Feature monster Last updated
Machine learning Titanic Survivor prediction is a perfect game! Tokumon battle that you can play and learn! Make full use of the feature amount monster & algorithm machine to raise "Kichuritsu"! Based on the final card set, actually execute the accuracy calculation on the special site!
What the customer really needed the game Last updated
Is the rare caricature "what the customer really needed" turned into an analog game? !! Create the symbol of system development "Blanco Tree" with your friends! Appeal the feeling of doing while satisfying the messy demands of customers!