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Spirit milk game introduction video
Hey, what do you bring to the uninhabited island? Trailer video
Hide & Seek card game introduction video (not DX lol)
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Yahoo! Yu Aige Musuda! We are thinking of participating in an interesting event called Game Market Live. I usually make new works at a pace of 1-2 pieces a year ... Check out Hyde and Seek DX, which is currently on sale, to introduce the new, realistic milk action game "Spilt Milk" around this summer! I would be happy if you could ...
Spirit milk Last updated
Milk, cheese, butter, yogurt ... Did you know that these are all made from the same so-called raw milk? The purpose of this game is for players to make raw milk that meets the needs of the market from cows raised as dairy farmers. The ranch has four meadows, each with a suitable essence for making milk, cheese, butter and yogurt. And when milking, the essence that spills out that element becomes the milk you make. And the player closest to the needs of the market wins. However, no matter how close you are to the elements, you should not overflow the important raw milk, at which point the player will lose the right to compete, so please milk carefully, right?
Hasudaino Night Train ~ Secret Board Game ~ Last updated
A board game with the motif of Touhou's secret club The player becomes the character Merry, turns the gravestone at the set time indicated by Renko, and the player who has the chip of the grave with the most "flowers" becomes the player who opened the boundary of the day. The player who opens the first boundary at the end of the game wins Please enjoy the frustration, world view, and artwork drawn with a unique and soft touch that is not straightforward.
Hide and Seek DX Last updated
Staring contest across the board! A must-see for hide-and-seek lovers nationwide! The turn-based hide-and-seek game "Hide & Seek" is back in DX! One player becomes Hide and hides one of the 6x6 squares The rest of the players will become Seeks and use the question cards to hunt down. Seek wins if you can identify and find your whereabouts. However, Hide can use a "bluff card" that requires you to answer a question only once, and you can move between questions, so Seek has the power to detect lies and hunt down Hide to escape. You will need! This time, we have also introduced a "map chip" that allows you to make your own map! When playing with standard, use it as a chip to count the score Once you get used to it, you can rearrange the map, change the terrain every turn with additional rules, and so on. The back side of the board is also a separate map with a different play feeling, so there is no doubt that you can play a lot! Hide who interweaves bluffs and runs away. Seek to outsmart others and see the truth. Please enjoy the strategy reasoning game that stimulates brain cells!
Kickstarter Navi, a useful information site for Kickstarter for Japan, has prepared a special page to support the production and overseas expansion of Japanese board game creators!
I'm interested in crowdfunding, but I can't take a step ..... I want to make an overseas version, but I don't know how to do it ... English support seems difficult .....
Creators who have troubles such as! Kickstarter will support you!