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Dorataco Fantasy Color Dryad Prism Dice D10 Dice
Multi-layer layer polyhedral dice set of 7 [Tropical]
Dorataco fantasy colors Dryad prism D6dice
Magic circle dice [Poison magic] Luminous 6-sided dice Magic circle dice [Poison magic]
Doratako dice specialty store
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Dorataco dice specialty store
I have been making original dice since 2019. I think the types will increase little by little!
Ancient Egyptian dice (using hieroglyphs of the sacred character) Last updated
A 6-sided full-custom dice using hieroglyphs famous for ancient Egyptian characters. The name of the god, the figure of the god, and the numbers (pips) of ancient Egypt are written on each side. * The number of letters in the name of God is the same as the number of letters. 1. Sun God Ra 2. Osiris, the god of death and resurrection 3. Ptah, the god of blacksmithing and sculpture 4. Seto, the god of destruction 5. Anubis, the god of the underworld 6. Toto, the god of wisdom
Set of 7 resin dies [various] Last updated
A set of 7 polyhedral dice with various designs. You may find your favorite set.
Periodic table dice (elemental dice) [single item] Last updated
Periodic tables 1 to 6 of the elements are made into dice. 1. Hydrogen 2. Helium 3. Lithium 4. Beryllium 5. Boron 6. Carbon
Bird and beast caricature dice [single item] Last updated
A six-sided dice featuring rabbits, monkeys, and frogs that appear in the instep of the manga's founder, "Bird and Beast Caricature." In order to express the shades as if drawn with a brush, it is manufactured by UV printing that can express details.
Steampunk gear dice [single item] Last updated
W-designed steampunk 6-sided dice that represent numbers and pips with gear parts. Buy 5 at a time and get +1! !!
Fairy Dice Fairy 6-sided Dice [Single] Last updated
Fairy dice playing around plants and numbers. You can see a fairy whose existence is uncertain.
Supermarket flyer dice [various single items] Last updated
Supermarket leaflet dice that use supermarket leaflets as dice are the prices of the super-discount products listed on each side.
Zodiac Zodiac Dice [Various single items] Last updated
The 12 constellations that color the night sky are dice. * Some designs may differ between the first and second editions.
Midnight overtime die set Last updated
It is a die set made with half a joke. Contents / Upper layer x 1, Middle layer x 4, Lower layer x 1 Color / Gray & Livestock * Please shine as strong light as possible to enjoy the overtime scenery of livestock light. Upper layer: 4-heliport Middle class: 1-new employee, 2-apology, 3-in-house romance, 4-sabo, 5-phone support, 6-document confirmation Lower layer: 1-entrance
Various animal dice [various single items] Last updated
An animal dice in the shape of a dice. The outcome will vary depending on whether the animal is a quadruped or a biped.
Magic circle dice Black magic, poison magic, ice magic [various single items] Last updated
A 6-sided full-custom dice that uses magic circles that appear in the world of swords and magic. Since magic circles corresponding to 1 to 6 are drawn on each side, when it absorbs magical power (light), it emits light in the dark. * If you want to make it shine strongly, please shine a strong light (sunlight etc.).
Yurufu Myth Full Custom 6-sided Dice [Various Single Items] Last updated
Various dice of "Yurufu Myth" that the scary Cthulhu myth became loose. Design: Sea cucumber Unno © Sea Cucumber / Arclight
Various Elder Dice Last updated
It is recommended for dark fantasy games such as the Elder Dice basic set in a spellbook-style case and coins with two-sided dice.
Spring / Summer / Autumn / Winter Seasonal Dice [Single] Last updated
It is a full-color 6-sided dice that uses the large letters "Ichi, II, San, 肆, 伍, Riku" and treats the seasons "Sakura, Leaves, Hydrangea, Sunflowers, Autumn Leaves, Snow" that change from side to side.
Ruins-style dice [various single items] Last updated
Nazca Lines, Maya civilization, Machu Picchu ruins, Mesopotamia, Inca Empire, etc. It is a 6-sided archaeological dice with a pattern that you have seen somewhere. * Since the product size is small, the design may be off center, but it is not a defective product.