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Gemma 2020 autumn new work "50on50" 30 seconds CM
[Gemma Live! ] Work! Mini Robo Workers [Board game introduction]
Gengue Games
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Production: Illusion / Design: Yellowtail Masuara / Cooperation: Nishiki
50on50 (Gojuon, On, Gojuon) Last updated
"50on50" is a card set that allows you to play 50 types of word games. It was well received in the autumn of Game Market 2020, and will be on sale in the spring of Gemma 2021. Enjoy the deep world of word games!
Work! Mini Robo Workers Last updated
Players are members of a company that develops energy while visiting various stars in the universe. Move the robot to get more energy than the other members. However, the stars this time are very narrow, and the robots push each other, competing for various areas and competing for the largest number in the area. Aim for good results by achieving company directives while arranging robots well! It was well received in the fall of Gemma 2019, and will be on sale in the spring of Gemma 2021 although it is a small number.