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sakurafront cards teaser for TGM2020 Autumn
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A design studio for analog games centered on board games and card games. The new "Sakura Front Card" and "Wine Rating (new edition)" will be on sale at the game market in the fall of 2020. Past works include "Shinjitsu (Rakugo)", "Bonsai Universe", "100% Beef Showdown", "Kamakura Collection", "Perfect Hotel", "Sakura Hunt", "Wine Rating", etc. JUGAME STUDIO website
True hit Last updated
Shinhatsu is a card game with the theme of rakugo. (Game Market Award 2017 Nominated Work) You will become a rakugo storyteller and compete with your rivals for the position of "Tori" who will appear at the end of the rakugo party. There are 19 types of rakugo plays that appear in the game. Japanese-style and modern illustrations with the motif of the world of rakugo color the game.
Kamakura Collection Last updated
Kamakura is a very popular tourist destination with many famous temples and shrines. Sometimes it is crowded and you can not enter, so let's enjoy sightseeing well aiming for the timing when you are busy. The player who visits the most popular attractions while sightseeing and eating is the winner of the game. Sightseeing coins are packed with the charms of Kamakura, such as the Great Buddha, hydrangea, underwater fireworks in Kamakura, and zazen. Speaking of Kamakura, we also have a "food walk" that you can't miss. Sightseeing and eating out. Everyone can enjoy the game while fully touching the charm of Kamakura.
100% BEEF SHOWDOWN Last updated
The 100% Beef Showdown collects cards with meat parts such as "Sirloin" and "Fillet" in your hand to create steak roles such as "T-bone" and "Chateaubriand". It's a poker-like game where you compete for strength. Will the card I aimed for come to hand? Which card are other players aiming for? Beef selection can be difficult due to various speculations! Only the player who can determine the timing of the game in the three rounds of play will be able to win the confrontation between connoisseurs!
Sakura Front Card (SAKURA FRONT CARDS) Last updated
A card gem with the theme of cherry blossom viewing. You are planning a trip around the cherry blossom spots with the cherry blossom front. A trip to enjoy the blooming of cherry blossoms everywhere you go will surely be a wonderful trip. However, it is difficult to predict when the cherry blossoms will bloom, and you cannot always enjoy the cherry blossoms in full bloom. What's more, there are many other travelers seeking cherry blossoms in addition to you! Predict the blooming of cherry blossoms well and enjoy the most beautiful cherry blossoms! A 2in1 package that includes two games that you can play using cards that connect to one pattern when lined up.
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