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How to play "Henna Kanji" -A game to write words that do not have kanji in one kanji-
Introducing, playing, and reviewing strange kanji with "Henna Kanji", which competes with creative kanji. Gi # 001
Let's play live because we refrain from going out.
[Board game] I think it would be good to be a detective who can hit this-Part 1-[Henna Kanji]
Part 1 "Izumi Motoya" Championship! !! [Henna Kanji]
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Non-product production
It is a non-product production that produces games with the concept of "a strange moment on the desk". The game market has been participating since the spring of 2017! Representative works are "Pandaism" and "Henna Kanji". "Pandaism" distributed in the fall of 2017 is commercialized by Nihon Takujo Kaihatsu! You can find it at Bodge shops nationwide. The cumulative circulation of "Henna Kanji" distributed in the fall of 2019 has exceeded 1000! It is on sale at LOFT, Tokyu Hands, Bodogema mail order, Amazon, and Gemma EC. Due to its popularity, the independent extended version "Henna Kanji II" was announced in the spring of 2020. Currently on sale only at Bodgema mail order! We look forward to hearing from you about work requests and planning invitations! [Mail]
Strange kanji Last updated
Cumulative circulation exceeds 1000! "Henna Kanji" is a word-based communication game that "makes katakana kanji that does not exist". This is a game in which players express katakana that does not have a kanji given as a theme (for example, "omelet rice", "X-ray", etc.) with a single kanji, and the players match the katakana represented by that kanji. The score related to the victory or defeat of the game is both "when another player hits the katakana represented by the strange kanji I wrote" and "when I hit the katakana represented by the strange kanji of another player". You can get it. There is also a competition system by the players, and you can get additional points for beautiful works as kanji. In other words, "creating elaborate kanji rather than just easy-to-understand kanji" is closer to victory. There is no model answer for this game. All the kanji that you think and create with your own ideas are correct. It would be great if you could get to know the "interesting" and "beauty" of communicating words with one kanji character in this game. It is a word game that you can enjoy with the same line of sight and the same feeling, whether you play with adults or children, or with adults and children. The stand-alone extended version "Henna Kanji II" is also on sale!
Henna Kanji II Last updated
The stand-alone extended version "Henna Kanji II" is also on sale! You can also play alone. [Expansion elements of Henna Kanji II] ・ 150 new theme cards added ・ Up to 8 players can be played when combined with Henna Kanji 1 ・ Special card "Henna Card" added * The basic rules of the game are the same as "Henna Kanji".