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TOKYO HIGHWAY Promotion movie for 2 to 4 people
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Introducing the basic rules of the analog game "Stonehenge and the Sun"
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itten is an analog game production company. "A fun experience that will change the situation on the spot through a game of competing for one point." With the slogan, we are participating in the game market in the fall of 2016. Representative works include TOKYO HIGHWAY, Hatsuden, TRIBE, Inu ga Kita, Moon Base, Crash Octopus, etc. ★ HP ★ amazon brand store ★ Youtube channel
Kappa brothers Last updated
"I want to live simply," the Kappa brothers decided to share one plate. That's not quite difficult !? So we decided to help our brothers together. Drop a drop of water from the straw onto Kappa's plate, lift it up so it doesn't spill, and place it on Kappa's brother. While I'm dating whimsical fish, that's not dangerous ⁉︎ It is a new sense balance game of harahara, potapota, and pounding that you can experience the amazing power of surface tension that you seemed to know but did not know.
Nessie's identity Last updated
Nessie's true identity was "that" that everyone knows ... You are the only witness who loves mystery and romance. To protect Nessie's mystery from the enthusiasts who want to know, we have to come up with some clever tips. "Maybe ..." The boat starts to move. Can you find out who you are? Will you be surrounded by an eternal mystery? A communication reasoning game that you can enjoy by simply exchanging hints and answers.
Nice egg! Last updated
Welcome to the fried egg party! Participants drop yolks one after another on the white meat and aim for the best position. Overlapping, jumping, splashing, parties are a fuss. The watchword is "Nice egg!" Easy but difficult. An addictive action game. Can you be a fried egg master?
MOON BASE Last updated
20XX years. More than half a century after humanity landed on the moon under the Apollo program, each country finally set up a cooperative system and started the "Moon Base Project". The developers will take the initiative in the project and start preparing for the 6-year construction of the lunar base using the mobile research building and the laminated ring module. This game is an abstract game for two players set on the moon. It will proceed in 6 rounds. Players replenish "ring modules" in each round and build a moon base by placing and stacking them in the crater. Make good use of the three-colored ring and proceed to your advantage. It will be a point to build a "residential area" and "resource facility" at the end of each round, but sometimes while effectively moving the "mobile research building", we will also aim for bonus points that can be obtained at the end of the 6th round. .. Finally, the player with the most total points wins.
Crash octopus Last updated
I heard rumors. A monster hidden in the sea area. Still, I didn't think we were scared of sailors. Until then ... A lot of luggage suddenly thrown into the sea. Finally, a giant octopus has appeared! All you have in your hand is the flag on the ship. You have to repel the luggage at sea and somehow collect it on the ship. If you can survive the invasion of a giant octopus that moves around and collect 5 types of luggage faster than anyone else, you will win. Laughter, tears? Yes, there is a big reversal. A flicker game that bursts with wild fun.
Hatsuden Last updated
As the title suggests, it is a card game for two players with the theme of "power generation". With a simple game system and play time, the development that keeps shaking until the end will be enjoyed by a wide range of players. Enjoy the fun and annoyance of "Hatsuden" by feeding out 53 energetic cards tightly packed in a compact small box measuring 10 cm square and 3 cm thick!
Stonehenge and the sun Last updated
This "Stonehenge and the Sun" is a game in which stonehenge is built by using building blocks as "megaliths" and iron balls hung from the ceiling as "sunlight". The best feature is the action of passing the iron ball between the stones like a pendulum, but you have to read the changing board situation and worry about how to secure the area for the iron ball to pass through. It will not be. Please enjoy the small but large scale of Stonehenge that appears on the table. In addition to the basic rules, the theme clear type rule that you will be better at controlling the iron ball when you play, a party-like rule that makes stones faster than anyone else so as not to hit the iron ball that rotates while drawing an arc around the board We also have rules.
The dog came (HERE COMES THE DOG) Last updated
"Here Comes the Dog" is an analog game for 2 to 4 players with an impressive bonfire and a herd of dogs. When dogs weren't friends with people yet, the theme was the moment of their encounter. Only the flame of the bonfire knows the fate of each other. .. The player chooses the charcoal, fire, and meat sticks on the bonfire in order by rolling the dice. If the meat runs out first, you can feed the dog and tame it, but if the charcoal runs out first, the bonfire will go out and you will be attacked. Are you aiming for feeding? Are you daring to be attacked? Under mixed speculation, the player who manages more dogs wins by exchanging sticks and competing, overcoming the happening of double dice.
TRIBE Last updated
You are the one who wishes for the prosperity and development of the "tribe". We are entrusted with the future of humans who are colored by tradition and design. Players will attach alternative ornaments to the five humans placed in the circle. The gradually increasing number of ornaments will eventually create "tribes" with common conditions, transforming each into a unique form. Which player is in glory when the lore ends? "TRIBE" is a new sensation balance game where you can read the patterns of colors and shapes while being swayed by the fate of the dice.
Yeti in the house Last updated
Yeti descending from the snowy mountains are hiding in your home. Yeti, who doesn't want to find it, but wants someone to look for it, has left a meaningful sighting photo. The expedition must use it as a hint to find the Yeti. A fun game in which a mysterious hide-and-seek that unfolds with only four small pieces in a matchbox-sized box transforms the interior of the room into a different landscape.
Tokyo Highway (TOKYO HIGHWAY) Last updated
Number of players 2-4 Play time 30 minutes ~ Target age 9 years old ~ The theme of this game is the Tokyo Metropolitan Expressway, which is known around the world for its complex and unique form. There are no boards or squares. You win if you finish placing all the car pieces before your opponent while stacking pillars and crossing the road three-dimensionally. While competing according to simple rules, a mysterious space is created on the desk. Create your own path with a sense of balance that is skillfully constructed at your fingertips and a dynamic and unique design strategy.
Ponkotsu Factory (PONKOTSU FACTORY) Last updated
From Japan! An English word game that everyone from beginners to advanced players can enjoy! Words that have fallen apart today are brought to the repair shop. Can you combine letters well and repair words? This game is a two-step process of question creation and question answering. In question creation, make three 4-letter words and make them into 12 separate tiles so that you don't understand the original words. In the question answer, use the 12 letter tiles you received from others to make three 4-letter words. The speed and quality of creation will make the difference.