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[Easy to understand the rules] Board game factory-Witches and disciples- [Miruru! ] Board game making board game, Bakusei! The rules are perfect with this before the game!
Platen game Works (BGM)
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Board game factory (Bijiemu)
From a paper processing factory in Nishi-ku, Nagoya Aiming to give shape to your favorite board game We have been exhibiting at the game market since 2017. We have also started manufacturing our original games, so please have a look ☆
Tebatori Last updated
Deep-fried Nagoya Meibutsu chicken wings has become a fun memory game. The rules are very simple. If you have 3 types of tiles, "Chicken wings", "Beer" and "Otefuki", please turn them over! The person who eats the most "chicken wings" wins! With the advent of the happening tiles "Hone" and "Horoyoi Set", the tiles are mixed, so even a small number of tiles may not be finished easily? !! Let's play a lot with tiles made by paper processing professionals with a good finish ☆
1,650 tax included
"Board Game Factory ~ Witches and Disciples ~" Last updated
The board game printing shop has created a game for the board game factory! The game design is Masato Uesugi (I was game), Illustrations and graphics by MATSUDA98 Coordinating with Mr. Fukuyuro (Laosengtangxiang) Worth seeing every corner, We have created a game that is easy to play and fun! ~ story & play ~ Players who got lost in the witch's board game factory in the depths of Morikawa's forest. Let's become apprentice fairies and cooperate with each other in manufacturing with the magical power of witches and senior fairies ☆ To make and ship more board games according to the blueprints It is a cooperative real-time attack where everyone works together. ~ specification ~ Various embossing is applied to all components such as boxes, tiles, cards, and boards, which is a luxurious specification that can only be done at a board game manufacturing factory! Comes with a special board that describes everything from materials to processing details. It is a must-have item as a processing sample for board game production ☆ * The image is a prototype at the manufacturing stage. It is a little different from the real thing. Please see it as a reference product.
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