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How to play "Name Zerifu in your pocket. (2020 New Edition")
Explanation of additional rules from "Kangaroo version"
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Put the name line written on your hand in the middle of the conversation! I am making "A famous line in my pocket."
A famous line in your pocket. (Kangaroo version Last updated
--Name Zerifu, don't you want to feel it? -A new rule, emo (emotion) card for a conversation game where you hit the name of your hand while chatting! ・ Scream the name of your hand with the "emotions" that came into play! If you have a soul, your score will increase! ・ If you cover it with a commercially available patterned card sleeve, you can play with the previous work.
A famous line in your pocket. (New edition in 2020 Last updated
Put in the famous lines while chatting! The basic rules are very simple. Scream out the name line written in your hand at the moment of conversation! Get points if you follow the flow of chatting! --- In parallel with other board games --To accompany the TRPG session --- At a drinking party with wonderful friends Aim for as many points as possible in all situations and time limits, and aim for the famous King Zerif! Three types of game modes to choose from ・ "Put a name line in your pocket" for quick dialogue play ・ Choose as many name lines as you like, "Name Zeri Flore" ・ The famous lines are unleashed in everyday life ... "Life" Now let's say the name Zerif! Let's play! Contents: ・ 73 cards ・ Manual, name line source list