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Tattert rule introduction
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It's a pop game. We produce Kanayama and Tateruto (Japanese and English versions) that never sleep. It used to be called the Detective Game Study Group. We look forward to working with you in the future.
Tattert Last updated
"Do you love the spirits? Only by following the spirits will this world change." The battle for life has begun to determine the true successor of the "Great Spirit Tattert", the highest-ranking being in the spirit world! "Tatelt" is a game where you collect mana, summon spirits, and build a tower higher than anyone else. Many difficulties await, such as depleted mana, attacking spirits, and the power of a runaway tower. … Can you join forces with the spirits to become the winner of this battle? To change this world now, the final battle of the Great Spirit Tattert will begin. ◆ Play information Number of people: 3-4 people Time: about 30 minutes ◆ Contents Spirit Card (Great Spirit Tattert): 4 Spirit card (normal): 40 Mana tokens: 20 Tower card: 30 Round card: 2 Start token: 1 Instructions: 1 book ◆ Size Length 11.1 cm x width 15.5 cm x thickness 2.3 cm ◆ Weight Weight: Approximately 185g
TATERUTO (English version) Last updated
In Tateruto you'll summon charming Spirits and collect Mana to compete for the tallest tower. It is a game that you can enjoy thinking about strategies and situations. ---- Player: 3-4 1 round time: 30 min Components: Spirit Cards, Tower Cards, Mana Chips, Round Cards, Start Token, Rule Book Details of rule and Web rule book: