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Murder Mystery "Sacrifice House" PV
[Nico Nico Self-made Game Festival 2018] Author & Messiah [Introduction Video]
Author & Messiah How to play commentary
[Archive] Re Gret I actually played with it!
Re: Gret [PV]
Shrimp Junior College Takagi USA
Murder mystery
3-digit game
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Shohoku Junior College Takagi Seminar
I'm Takagi Seminar, Department of Comprehensive Business and Information, Shohoku College! I make games regardless of digital or analog. We will participate in Gemma Live 2021! ・ Murder Mystery "Sacrifice House" ・ Title undecided: A lightly playable card game Under development! It will be distributed in the fall of 2021. You can try it out on discord, so feel free to ask.
Author & Messiah Last updated
--It picked up a certain "unnamed book" Messiah The story of the "writer" author. The realization of tens of thousands of all kinds of souls. Author & Messiah is a story-telling competitive card game. You win if you build your own deck and collect Fame Points before your opponent. Digital games for one person are also available on Google Play and App Store. [Official site] Bodogema is consigning a set of 2 starter packs and 4 expansion packs.
Coins, towers and four kingdoms Last updated
A small fountain in a certain resting square. If you throw a coin here A tower is built with mysterious power, and the country is filled with happiness. National happiness = tower height! Everyone started to gather in the rest area to collect coins and build a tower! Which country's tower will be the tallest? Each of the four nations has a king, a queen, a magician, and a prince or princess. Marital relationship? Queen and princess tea party? Marriage of a prince and a princess? Depending on the relationship with each person, coins with the card design will be available. Arrange three cards side by side and collect many coins to score. However, some coins interfere with other people who have conspired ... You can also play fortune-telling for one person.
500 tax included
Jewelry Hunter Last updated
Collect the jewels in the field! If you collect the same colors in succession, your score will increase! But if you aim for the same gem all the time, you may be disturbed by other people. Take a jewel? Do you disturb the other party? Read the thoughts of other players and collect jewels!
500 tax included
Escape from Simland Last updated
It is a mystery solving kit of the real mystery solving game "Escape from Simland". set content ・ Clear file: 1 sheet ・ Mystery paper: 5 sheets ・ Instruction: 1 sheet Real mystery solving game held at the school festival Reproduced on the website Time required to solve the mystery 60 minutes ~ (At the time of school festival) Please enter your answer on the website. If you answer correctly, you can challenge the next mystery. Please challenge!
Aim! graduate! !! Last updated
From today you are a college student! College students must take class credits by the time they graduate. Various group work is required in class. Let's work together to earn credits with each of our strong abilities! This is a cooperative card game where everyone works together to graduate. The print and play version is on sale at Booth.
Re: Gret Last updated
——The world after death When we woke up, we were in a beautiful flower garden. It is a gentle and painful game that aims to become a Buddhahood by collecting "memories" of life before it disappears completely.