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[Discipline] Become a teacher at the magic school and have a graduation ceremony safely! !! 【Board game】
Discipline ~ 3 years of Jeremiah Magic School ~ Bodge opening live delivery (relaxing)
"Love Ban School" board gameplay video
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Write "636 GAMES" and read "Lossum Games". First and foremost, to make what you want to make Two game designers, Karasuishi Pomegranate and alan, are the main players.
Love prohibited school Last updated
Can you find a destined person in this school where romance is absolutely forbidden! ?? [New sense of role play x identity concealment game] "Love Ban Gakuen" is a game where you can enjoy role play based on the rules of identity concealment. The purpose is to fulfill the love between the hero and the destined person on the stage of a school where romance is prohibited. However, if the students become aware of the relationship with the disciplinary committee, there is a danger of dropping out. The following five roles are prepared for the player. "Protagonist" "Fateful person" "Friend" "Rival" "Public committee" By combining character cards and attribute cards, you can role-play events that are common in school! Let's survive the school life where misunderstandings and lies swirl in a pure and fun way.
Discipline ~ 3 years of Jeremiah Magic School ~ Last updated
As a teacher at the traditional Jeremiah Magic School, you will be in charge of the class. However, the 12 cute students all have some problems. Work with teachers in other classes to help them get rid of their anxieties and improve their skills. However, when a strong student is stressed, anxiety spreads to the students around him. Students who are too stressed may be absent from school ... Aim for the graduation ceremony while balancing the students so that the class does not collapse.
Brave Measures Conference II Last updated
"Hey brave! Die for success!" The player becomes an executive of the Demon King's army and must cooperate and defeat the hero before reaching the Demon Castle. However, when you defeat a hero, only the player with the most total number of stars left in your hand will be the winner! Yes, this is a cooperative (betrayal) card game! The key to victory is to cooperate in the first half, save your strength in the second half, and let other players fight! If you add the included expansion elements, unique effects will be added by the executive characters, and the development of the game will change as the hero becomes a party of 3 people!