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[Board game introduction] New "All Night Summoner"
[Game Market] I introduced "Mech Contest" [Special Edition]
[Opening & introduction of new board game] All night summoner [Welcome to Mr. Hatsumi]
[Bocchi Bodge delivery] Try "All Night Summoner"! [Welcome to Mr. Hatsumi]
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I'm making a bodge with cute children. ● Available games ・ Gemma 2018 Autumn: "Round Trap" ・ Gemma 2019 Autumn: `` Mech Contest'' ・ Gemma 2020 Spring: "All Night Summoner" Available at Yellow Submarine, Booth
All Night Summoner Last updated
[Game overview] All Night Summoner is a cooperative card game that completes the tasks of the day before the deadline all night. The purpose of the player is to catch all "Tasdebi-kun" lurking in the magic pot. Work with everyone before dawn to get the assignment submitted. … But be careful! As the night goes on, you can only say "dangerous" at midnight tension! 【Contents】 Number of players: 1-5 Play time: 20-30 minutes Target age: 12 years and over 【Contents】 44 x 63 mm card: 75 cards ・ Spirit card: 70 ・ Summoner card: 5 Summoner sheet: 5 sheets (with collaboration card!) Time elapsed sheet: 2 sheets Time elapsed marker: 1 Instructions: 1 sheet If you buy it at BOOTH, you will get a collection of setting materials. Please see HP for details.
Mech Contest Last updated
It is a game to raise a girl Robo (Mech). [Game overview] The stage is the 22nd century, the future where mechanical technology has further evolved. You choose one of the five MECs and grow it to your liking. And we aim to win the "Mech Contest", a contest to decide the best mech. In order to win, you need to train Mech, equip parts, distribute and earn activity funds. The more you grow a MEC, the more parts you can equip and the more you earn from distribution. Sometimes the wounds deepen and a special power awakens. However, the behavior of the player affects the fashion of the world, The evaluation and training costs of the contest will change significantly. In addition, each mech that can be raised has its own individuality and specialty. Whether to grow it according to the fashion, or to develop the attributes that you are good at ... It's up to you what kind of daughter (Mech) you grow up with. Let's grow the best MEC with your power. [Contents] * The following are included in the A5 size package. 38 parts cards, 10 scratch cards, 5 mech cards 32 money chips, 2 VIP chips, start player, 1 time-lapse chip 5 attribute chips, 1 play sheet, 1 growth record book 4 recording pens, 1 manual
Round trap Last updated
A life-threatening escape game with the seat of the Demon King's aide begins ... A dungeon escape dice game where everyone can get excited! This is a game in which you escape from a dungeon made of cards in a sugoroku format, and the person who can reach the goal (escape) first wins. Also, each character card you can choose before starting the game has its own abilities, which can help you escape. Contents ・ Cards: 51 ・ Dice: 1 ・ 10mm cube: 6 ・ Pawn: 6 ・ Instruction: 2 Number of players: 3-6 Play time: 30-45 minutes Target age: 10 years and over In addition to Yellow Submarine, BOOTH also handles it.