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Jurokuya Komachi You can see it within 3 minutes! Rule explanation (Natsumu)
Dollfie Five Get it in less than 3 minutes! Rule explanation (Natsumu)
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It is a board game production circle "Natsumu". Produced works are three-star chocolatier, four seasons, Dollfie Five, Jurokuya Komachi. We aim to create games that are "fashionable, cute, but annoying." At Gemma Live, Dollfie Five and Jurokuya Komachi's "Understanding within 3 minutes! Rule video" is available. In addition, the state of actually playing the game will be delivered in real time. Please take a look inside. ◇ [Jurokuya Komachi, you can see it within 3 minutes! Rule explanation] ◇ [Dollfie Five: Understand within 3 minutes! Rule explanation]
Three-star chocolatier Last updated
"Three-star chocolatier" is a board game that can be played by 2 to 4 people. In a peaceful candy town lined with chocolate shops, you are a newcomer chocolatier chasing your dreams. We aim to be a three-star chocolatier by making jewel-like chocolate to impress our customers. Whether you want to produce a lot of chocolate, make it gorgeous with fruit toppings, or interfere with your rival chocolatier, there are a wide variety of strategies! A chocolate puzzle with puzzle elements, extended reproduction elements, and a test of both luck and strategy!
3,500 tax included
Dollfie Five Last updated
Dollfie Five is a dice game that produces dolphins in a certain aquarium. Become a trainer and raise your own dollars (fins). There are 30 types of individuality in all. Gentleman-like dollar squirrels, chara Paris pilkas, azatoi idol fins ... Every time you play, a wide variety of dolphins are born! Make full use of the effects of the helping animals to outperform your rivals and aim for the No. 1 dolphin!
Jurokuya Komachi Last updated
Sixteen nights hesitating about the moon. You, the masters of traditional culture, gathered in the mansion, wearing elegant kimonos. Let's recommend Japanese accessories today. I want to collect gorgeous hairpins, cool folding fans, glossy Japanese umbrellas, and many Japanese accessories to make them fashionable ... but if they stand out from the master, they will be undeliverable! ?? It is a tile and card game that is easy to play in 15 minutes, but requires strict score management.
Four seasons Last updated
"Four Seasons" is a game that can be easily played by 3 to 6 people with the theme of Japanese sweets. Pack Japanese sweets in a 3x3 folding box and make the sweets fold beautifully. You can aim for a high score by aligning the moon, season, and coat of arms of Japanese sweets. However, it is not you but someone else's oribako that you pack. The most "humility" person in the game, the one with the lowest score, wins. "This sweet is suitable for you." Show your Japaneseness and give up Japanese sweets to win!
3,300 tax included