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[Game Market 2020 Autumn New] I tried playing Mega Chain [Tan Tan]
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[The Glass] I made games such as "Konamon!" And "Touhou Spirit Bullet". From now on, we will continue to make games that are likely to win or lose! Sea otter is a trademark (Twitter ID: zagurasu) [Hasegawa] Produced "STOP by ZERO" and "I am Cinderella!" In the past. Currently, he is working on the new game market 2020 autumn "Megachen". I like penguins. (TwitterID: shiki_hskw) [Kubia] In charge of test play and chores. I like expanded reproduction and am thinking about production. The icon is a dog drawn in 10 seconds (TwitterID: kuvia3)
Touhou spirit bullet Last updated
Touhou Saireidan is a two-player battle-type LCG (Living Card Game) based on the shooting game of "Touhou Project". Not only can you enjoy building a deck with unique cards, but you can also enjoy the luck elements of special dice, the offset between barrages, and the feeling of actually having a barrage battle. Experience a new barrage battle.
Mega chain Last updated
"Convince any glasses. 』\ You are a glasses shop. One day, a girl came to want to make an image change. Make any pair of glasses the perfect pair for talking! ?? Now, let's recommend glasses according to your needs!
Konamon! Last updated
Prepare! Bake! delivery! Slapstick shop management! Aim! Byte leader! "Konamon! As the name suggests, is a game with the theme of a store that sells "powder". All the players work together to prepare the food ordered by the customer and deliver it to the customer as ordered. If you can work, you will get points and you will get closer to the byte leader (winner) ... If the customer gets angry and goes home, the points will be deducted. If you don't prepare early, the customers will return! If you don't cooperate, you won't be in time, but everyone is doing different things! ?? It's a game where the flow of the game is slapstick and everyone's slightly black thoughts are mixed.