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Kotoha sisters want to introduce board games Part22 [Samepoli edition]
Shark Adventure Movie Entertainment ~ Shark Adventure Movie Entertainment ~
Shark Polly Channel "Gemma Business Trip"
Cyberdine / Solid
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Cyberdyne / Solid
An art brand for permanent boys and girls who love science fiction movies, comics, and toys. The Tokyo International Shark Film Festival, Shigeru Komatsuzaki Art Exhibition, Disney phantom characters, etc. are also deeply digged. We have developed a new suspense horror game "Samepoli" from the world-famous board game "Monopoly".
Shame Polly Last updated
A cannibal shark has arrived in a city you control! As the mayor of Shark Attack City, you aim to be the only mayor by pushing out your rivals while escaping from the attacking sharks. Whether you defeat the shark and become a hero, or survive without being eaten by the shark until the end, the ending of this Tondemo Shark movie is up to you!