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[Fierce horse sweets competition] A suspicious demon battle in the sweets making game "Magical Patisserie"!
[Board game] I tried "Magical ☆ Bakery" which is cute but killed by black labor
[Caution for breaking friends] "Meow Men's" was a board game that destroyed friendship.
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We are making board games in which cute characters play an active role, centering on the "Magical ☆ Bakery" and "Meow Men's" series. This introductory video was produced by Omokoro Channel. Please take a look if you like!
Magical ☆ Bakery ~ A conglomerate from today !! ~ Last updated
The manager of Corone, who suppressed the rebellion of the part-time workers, decided to expand into industries that have nothing to do with bakeries, with diversified management. Is it possible to use money, power, and magic to obtain all kinds of shops and organizations and create the kingdom's number one conglomerate !? A conglomerate development / expansion reproduction game of luck and strategy, where dice fly around the table!
Magical Patisserie Last updated
A spin-out work of the "Magical ☆ Bakery" series. The next stage is a slightly black pastry shop. A board game of "reasoning" and "bluffing" by magical girls who make sweets while desperately guessing while they do not know what they are in charge of!
Magical ☆ Bakery ~ Magical Girl of Rebellion ~ Last updated
The store manager of Corone, who earned sales by any means, is very prosperous as the best bakery in town. However, the part-timers who doubt that they will not receive any salary can apply for a duel. Will the unpaid salary be paid since the store opened? Concealed victory / defeat battle with a bet on salary!
Meow men Last updated
A survival horror cooperative game in which cats in distress in a snowy mountain survive an accident that attacks like a rage, pretending to be a warm game by cute cats. Can the cats survive safely?
Magical ☆ Bakery-I am the store manager! ~ Last updated
Corone, a magical girl who hates working in a black bakery, becomes independent and starts her own shop. However, it is not possible to manage with just cleanliness, unpaid salary, breaching safe, rampant oven thief, creating a blacker bakery !? Dice battle heats up, expanded reproduction board of luck and strategy game!
Magical ☆ Bakery Last updated
Corone, an apprentice magical girl, works at a slightly black bakery. If you fail to bake once, you will get angry, and if you fail twice, you will get fired !? Colleagues who are leaving early one after another due to the extremely difficult baking. Should I bake bread or run away? Strategy and negotiations Bread-baked early-leave chicken race!