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Mysterious ancient biological table
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Mysterious ancient creature table
This is Anomaro, the representative of the mysterious ancient creature table. We are producing a collection of scenarios for Cthulhu mythology TRPG. [Work tendency] ・ I am writing closer to the rule book publication scenario ・ The solution of the case can be flexibly done according to the player's idea. [Masterpiece] "The sinister coast of Ghatanothoa" A campaign to run through the Showa era with brothers and sisters explorers. Role play from elementary school to 50 years old! Fight the cult hidden in the shadow of Japanese history. "The approaching tiger human" Investigators who came to Thailand in search of tiger humans. Adventures in the exotic city of Chiang Mai and jungles await!
The approaching tiger human Last updated
The sinister coast of Ghatanothoa Last updated
Cthulhu Mythos Campaign to Run Through Japan After the War ◆ Manipulate brothers and sisters explorers and play roles from elementary school students to 50 years old ◆ Explanation of each age, how to create Showa explorer posted ◆ New occupations, skills, and weapons of Showa are included in the appendix * Written in the old version (6th edition). You can enjoy it only with the basic rule book, but with Cthulhu 2010 and Cthulhu 2015, you can enjoy it even more. [Recording scenario] Episode 0: The day Anne was born September 1940 Episode 1 Eve of War November 1941 Episode 2 Independence Day August 1951 Episode 3 Ominous Coast December 1961 Episode 4 Capture the mountain lodge December 1971 Episode 5 Golden Country December 1981 Bonus Ghatanothoa vs Anomalocaris Data for online sessions can be downloaded for free. Please purchase at booth.