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"Next to that child" instrumental movie
"That child's name is" I tried! [Delusional power required]
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Deep-hearted and up-and-coming creator unit "Kojirase lunch box" ▼ Seat change experience board game "next to that child" ▼ Name delusion game "that child's name is"
Name delusion game "That child's name is" Last updated
[Game content] [Target age] 10 years old and over [Number of players] 3 ~ [Play time] Approximately 30 minutes This is a party game in which girls' names are created according to the theme, the reasons are presented, and who competes for the best theme. The components are 70 "surname cards" with kanji, 70 "first name cards", and 80 theme cards with themes. It is a game where you can enjoy the fun of the chance of the name made of cards and the delusional conversation of girls. Cover illustration: Mr. Jose Shimazaki
Seat change experience board game "next to that child" Last updated
[Game content] [Product name] Seat change experience board game "next to that child" [Target age] 10 years old and over [Number of players] 2-4 people [Play time] Approximately 45 minutes This is a seat change experience board game where you can choose your favorite "that child's top" and compete for who can be next to that child first. Twenty-four pieces are placed on a 25-square classroom board, and the pieces move like a slide puzzle. The game has 1st, 2nd and 3rd semesters, and if no one can be next to the child after the 3rd semester, there will be no winner. You can use the "event card" to move the pieces to bring your favorite piece closer to your favorite child piece, or you can aim for a one-shot reversal with the "god card for changing seats" that has a special effect.
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