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[Informer] How to play video Pentas Studio
I tried playing informer! Pentas studio
【chaos! !! ] The creator tried to play the abstract! Pentas studio
What kind of game is Absepture? Pentas studio
[Game Market Live day2] Frame to look for Bodge! !! Gesture game!
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Pentas Studio
For you who like stupid games! !! A board game production team of four college students. Transcendental stupid game "Informer" that gets excited by a large number of people (distributed in the spring of 2019) The final form of the gesture game "Abceptor" (distributed in the fall of 2019) is on sale at BOOTH! ☆ Information about board games is being sent on Twitter ☆
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The final form of the gesture game! !! ━━━ "How do you tell?" ━━━ ■ Number of players: 3-5 ■ Target age: 12 years old ~ ■ Play time 10 to 15 minutes Time is 20XX Human beings who have advanced into space have succeeded in contacting aliens. You have been tasked with communicating the "language" that is the culture of mankind. The contact time with aliens is 30 seconds. How many words can you convey in a limited amount of time! Contents ● 40 theme cards ● 5 item cards ● 1 dice ● 1 manual A 4-member board game production team "Pentas Studio" A new game distributed at the 2019 Autumn Game Market. "Insanely abstract" x "everyone is disjointed" "theme" Gesture "all at once" during the "time limit of 30 seconds" It's a super chaotic gesture game.
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The biggest idiot of this century is born! ?? ━━Become an intelligence agent and tell your rivals about your mistakes! ━━ ■ Target number of people: 3-12 people ■ Play time: 10-15 minutes ■ Target age: 10 years old and over Thank you for browsing. It is an "informer" distributed at the game market in the spring of 2019! "Don't speak Japanese" "Compliment the other person" "Rejoice with all your might" Find and point out your opponent's mistakes while completing the numerous missions () that you are tasked with! !! It's an easy party game.