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[Bodge play video] What ○○ is likely to say [Self-made board game]
[Bodge play video] Procession with a procession [Self-made board game]
[Bodge play video] PIRANEAR [Self-made board game]
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A group of five childhood friends who enjoy TRPGs, board games, and analog games. Nico Nico Douga → Youtube → TwitCasting →
PIRANEAR Last updated
A giant piranha rumored to live in the unexplored region "Zonama". The scales are said to be very valuable. Treasure hunters aiming for a lot of money headed to the hinterland of Zonama to confirm the truth ... Predict the piranha attack and use "jump" and "dash" properly to escape! If you drop all the treasure, you will lose! Who will escape safely and become a millionaire! ?? A simple board game that everyone can play with!
Matrix with matrix Last updated
From the presented "time" and "situation", let's propose a "matrix that the parent of the turn is likely to line up at the last minute". For example, in the case of "3 hours at a XX ramen shop", what should I put in this XX so that my parents can line up at the last minute? "Is it the best ramen shop in the world?" But what if parents like ramen? If you can eat the best ramen in the world, you may want to line up for more than 3 hours. The only aim is "a procession that seems to be lined up for 3 hours", so if your parents like ramen, you should lower the rank a little more ... In this way, the winner is the person who traces the thoughts of the parents and proposes a more reasonably attractive procession. Don't get tired of your legs, don't get in the sun, and go to the fascinating procession that comes to your imagination!
What ○○ is likely to say Last updated
"When I woke up in the morning, my gender changed" "I came to a high-class sushi restaurant" "I was trapped in an elevator" "I won a lottery ticket" "I was surrounded by a group of goblins" "I'm precious" ... At times like this, I'm sure you would say this! What words do you say when you encounter the situation of the subject presented? Parents should answer three "what they are likely to say" and children should answer one "what they are likely to say" in anticipation of their parents' answers. There are various themes, from everyday situations to extraordinary events. The key to victory is to answer with your parents' feelings about what kind of words you write, what you actually say, and what you don't say but actually think about. Perhaps, looking at the expectations of everyone around me, it may become clear what I didn't know about ...? A word-based party game that can be enjoyed by both familiar friends and those who will become friends in the future!