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Stellar Life TRPG & Board Game Image PV (No Sound)
Stellar Life TRPG & Board Game Contents Introduction PV (No Sound)
Stellar Life TRPG Introduction
[Rule distribution] Kemono Friends TRPG Welcome to Saifiku Park
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Produced analog games such as heavy, long and large TRPGs. Create easy-to-apply game rules and elegant and rigid scenarios. Twitter: YouTube: Nico Nico Douga: Product website: [Product] Kemurikusa TRPG Stellar Life TRPG Stellar Life Board Game [Favorite anime] "Kemurikusa" TV anime "Kemono Friends" [What you can do / software used] English, general financial relations, DTP (Adobe Indesign), 3D (Blender, MMD), video creation (Davinci Resolve, AviUtl (including Live2D)), website (Wordpress, etc.)
Celeste-colored table seeds Last updated
Lord_phantasm / Rokutatami fantasy space This is a set of 3 unofficial secondary creation scenarios (full-length WEB release) of "Celeste Color Paradiso" by Rokutatami Fantastic Space and Play Aid. With this, a rulebook, maps, and dice, you can play. Include: ・ Scenario ・ 3 types of quest cards ・ 14 circular color frames ・ 8 resin clay airplane pieces
Stellar life board game Last updated
A random event map generation type extended reproduction board game set in the ultra-futuristic universe. The map size is 84.1 cm x 59.4 cm, which makes it easy for four people to play around the table, but the box is "23.0 cm x 16.5 cm x 3.4 cm" and fits in a compact bag. It is a strategy simulation board game that you can carry around. Number of players: 3-4 people Playing time: 1 hour
Kemono Friends TRPG Welcome to Saifiku Park Ver2.0.0 Last updated
[Full-length WEB release] TRPG that adventures in the world of the anime "Kemono Friends" with psychic rules. The support website offers three supplements, allowing you to enjoy a very wide range of animal-themed scenarios.
Kemurikusa TRPG Ver1.2.14 Last updated
[Full-length WEB release] This is a square map type strategic TRPG that uses the world view of the anime "Kemurikusa". Specializing in different "senses" for each character, we will complement each other's blind spots and proceed while searching for enemies and water.
Stellar Life TRPG Last updated
[Web version is also available by purchasing the book version] TRPG with a super-future super future science fiction world view. It is a greedy science fiction system that can cover shooting battles, fleet battles, politics and diplomacy on a space journey with the same PC by putting eight different "situation-specific rules" on top of the basic rules. Although it is heavyweight in 224 pages and douujin TRPG, you can reduce the burden of instrumentation by "picking up" only the situation-specific rules used in the scenario. On the support site, in addition to rule summaries and various PDF files, public scenarios, save data for "Udonarium", and map creation tools are also released. With full support, you can enjoy the story of space travel. Number of players: 2 to 6 people Play time: 3 hours or more
Kemono Friends TCG Starry Starter Deck (Consignment) Last updated
A two-player competitive card game with the motif of "Kemono Friends Project". It features resource (card) management like a board game and card rules unique to Kemono Friends. Number of players 2 Play time 10 to 30 minutes Included (per type): ・ 21 cards ・ One copy of the rule book (up to two copies will be attached for multiple orders)