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Planarism board game [Image video] Planarism board game
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This circle is a board game circle of Hiroshima University! We have a lot of interesting games, so please stop by.
Planarism Last updated
A tile placement game that creates planarians! ◆ It is a tile placement game that you can enjoy playing with anyone! You can play from children to adults with simple but slightly deep rules. With the game development that changes every time, you can do it again and again with your family and friends! ◆ The cardboard outer box with embossed glitter letters printed on it looks like a cute parcel in modern Europe. The planarian tiles fit in a petri dish, just like the real thing, and together with the included tweezers create a world view. ◆ It's a game that makes you want to decorate and reach out to play ★ Game content ★ The purpose of the game is to create more and more complex planarians! Take the planarian tiles prepared each turn in order and place them while paying attention to the direction of the head and tail. Depending on the tiles you get, the strategy is to make a lot of planarians or a planarian like Yamata no Orochi. Continue to grow planarians until there are no more tiles, and compete for a total evaluation of four items: number of animals, number of heads and tails, ring structure, and straight part. How to score tiles well is the showcase of your skill.
choose a lot of cheese ver Last updated
A great psychological warfare that you can't even imagine from the outside! ◆ It is a psychological warfare with the motif of a mouse that wants cheese.
1,999 tax included
deadly ring game Last updated
Easy rule asymmetric battle royal game ◆ Easy-to-remember rules With only 5 types of actions and HP system, it is easy to get close to and can be enjoyed by children and adults together! ◆ Strategic thinking about the first turn The presence of a "champion" player in a battle royale often creates a battle that is more asymmetrical and has more uncertainties than a normal game, and the board can change significantly with a single move. In that process, we will guide the actions of other players while looking ahead, and the fate will be the tactics of how to not lose and where to decide the game.