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Toshimune Kagawa: Representative of rough sketches and designer of "Shitamachi Maid Monogatari" and "The Last Priestess". Since he was a student, he has been absorbed in creative activities and produced doujinshi and board games. After that, he became independent in 2018 after working for a game company and a content company. We develop various contents centering on "loved characters" and "deep stories".
Downtown maid story Last updated
The first rough sketch original board game. This is the "Kingdom of Faltesia". A rich country blessed with nature, stable economy, and crowded with many people. You are a girl who dreamed of such a kingdom. Your dream is to become a full-fledged maid. Maids, who are now indispensable for maintaining the security of the country, are a longing occupation that only the elite are allowed to engage in. If you are lucky enough to pass the world-class prestigious school "Royal Faltesia Academy", you will improve yourself for three years at this school. Now, how do you spend your school life?
Downtown Maid Story Expansion Set London Simultaneous Recapture Strategy Last updated
The first expansion of the rough sketch original board game. That day, London was surrounded by a sea of ​​fire. The royal capital, which has a strict security system, was occupied by someone overnight. In addition to the general maid <Communia> and the advanced maid <Espatier>, even maid candidates who have just passed the provisional license are put into actual battles in an unusual situation. You guys are no exception. Regain London immediately, with Big Ben, the enemy's base of operations, as the ultimate goal.
The last shrine maiden Last updated
The second rough sketch original board game. "The Last Priestess" is set in a world where humankind has almost become extinct, losing a place to live due to the filth created by humankind. There is no way for ordinary humans to counter the filth, and only a pure girl can become a shrine maiden with the blessing of God and cleanse the filth. The player becomes the last surviving shrine maiden on earth and protects the last land of mankind from filth. On the other hand, all surviving shrine maidens have different beliefs and must show the status of the god they worship. This story is the last battle of mankind and the faction battle of the shrine maiden.