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202006GMlive Brain Training Battle Game Series [Official]
202006GMlive Pounding Series [Official]
Photo DE Hitokoto Card Game How to Play [Official]
Who is that person? How to play [Official]
Ancient and modern east and west [Official] Round 2
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We will develop products that provide "luxury time to satisfy curiosity". Beverly is always looking for interesting things such as jigsaw puzzles, 3D puzzles, games, stationery, etc. for our customers' "interesting! Fun!"
Dinosaur playing cards Last updated
This product uses the art of Masato Hattori, who is famous for the 3D art of dinosaurs. You can learn dinosaurs while having fun playing with dinosaur commentary and realistic dinosaur art! 6 kinds of original games that you can play with dinosaur playing cards Enjoy with a card explaining how to play!
Pounding construction Last updated
Hit it when you build it! Destroy it! A little intelligent and exciting action game "Pounding Construction" !! Easy to play in 3 steps! !! 1, draw the card! 2, stack up quickly! 3. When completed, smash the opponent's piece with dynamite !!
Pounding Monkey Catch Last updated
When the monkey pops out, it's crazy! Throb! !! 1. 1. Roll the dice and remove the bananas ... 2. If the monkey pops out 3. 3. Catch the monkey! !! If you collect a lot of bananas, you win!
Dinosaur Carta Last updated
This product uses the art of Masato Hattori, who is famous for the 3D art of dinosaurs. You can learn dinosaurs while having fun playing karuta with commentary and realistic dinosaur art !!
Brain training match game matchstick Last updated
What is a matchstick puzzle? A puzzle that uses a matchstick to move the matchstick to meet the theme. Problems that make the specified shape. The problem of establishing the four seasons is typical. In the mid-19th century, many problems were introduced in cigarette cards in cigarette boxes for promotional purposes. It's a perfect puzzle to think about in a short amount of time. How to play (2-4 people) A game where you compete to see who can solve the puzzle the fastest! Distribute 24 matchsticks to each person. Please cut the theme card well and place it in the center of the field. 2 Turn over the theme card and start the game! Use the matchstick to solve the theme of the card. The person who solves the theme first wins! The winner will receive the theme card. The person who wins the first 5 theme cards wins. * Of course, you can enjoy it as a matchstick puzzle by yourself. Challenge how many of the 54 questions you can answer correctly !!
Brain Training Battle Game Petomis Program Last updated
Competitive game with puzzles! The brain is fully rotated from the moment the theme comes out! It will be a training to logically think about how to create the shape of the theme by combining 10 fixed pieces! Let's immerse yourself in the puzzle more exciting by having an opponent than the brain training puzzle that you do slowly by yourself. ≪Set contents≫ Main body puzzle (made of paper) 10 pieces, chat, 4 mounts, 54 theme cards, 4 storage cases
Ancient and modern east and west card games Last updated
The Yamanote Line game has become a card! Draw a card and answer your bill! Difficulty increases with + α action, and original problems with blank cards! !!
Master mahjong Last updated
Master mahjong that you can play immediately even if you start. It is full of functions that even beginners can easily understand, such as tiles with numbers, point bars with numbers, mats with guides, ascending role tables, and quick reference tables for score calculation, so you can learn the rules while playing. Comes with an easy start book.
Dinosaur board game Last updated
Run around the dinosaur era! A powerful board game. Comes with a realistic top figure, exciting roulette, and a dinosaur card that lets you remember the ecology of dinosaurs! The back of the board contains a dinosaur size comparison table comparing the sizes of the dinosaurs.
Ubicich Last updated
Issei no Se! Ubicich! !! The strategy game that everyone knows to guess the total number of Yubi has become a card game! Easy to play! ① Distribute a total of 7 cards for the number of players. As for the card, give 2 "0, 1, 2" and 1 "5". (2) Declare the numbers in order with "Issei no Se" and take out one card from everyone's hand. ③ If the declared number and the total number in play are the same, you will get all the cards! If you make a mistake, return it to your hand. ④ The game ends when everyone's hand is exhausted. ⑤ The player with the most total points of the acquired cards wins! ≪Set contents≫ 28 number cards, 2 explanation cards
Master Shogi Last updated
Since the way to move the pieces is drawn in an easy-to-understand manner, it is a shogi that you can play immediately even for the first time. Features of Master Shogi ... ① How to move is drawn on the piece. (2) A board that shows the start layout at a glance. ③ Comes with a guidebook that you can understand in manga. ④ A simple shogi is inserted on the back of the board, and you can master the basic movements of the pieces.
Photo DE Hitokoto Card Game Last updated
An interesting word in the subject photo! Distribute judgment cards one by one, cut the cards well, and stack the deck in the center of the field. 2. Turn over one card and think about the subject of each card. 3. The player who came up with the story raises his hand with "Yes!" And shows off his hits. 4. If more than half of the people other than the one who showed off the hits are interesting, get the theme card. ・ If the player finds the show to be interesting, he will give a ○ judgment card. If you think it's not good, give a x judgment card. The player who collects 5 theme cards quickly wins the 5th and 1st. A card game that everyone can play!
Who is that person? Last updated
A voting game that points to people who fit the subject! How to play 1. Cut the cards well and stack the deck in the center of the field. 2. Decide on a parent with rock-paper-scissors. 3. Parents turn over the card, and everyone thinks of a person who fits the theme of the card. 4. All the people who fit the subject are stabbed with a shout of "Who is that person?" From the parents. You may point to yourself. 5. If the person pointed by the parent points the most, the parent wins the card. Otherwise, the person with the first finger wins the card. If there are the same number of votes, there is no card winner. Every 6.1 play, the parent moves clockwise and repeats 3 to 5. The player who collects 5 cards quickly wins the 7th and 1st. A card game that everyone can play.
4 types of puzzle brain training Last updated
Brain training while having fun with 4 puzzles From 6 to 99 years old, both adults and children can be enthusiastic. Since there are 4 types of puzzles, you can experience brain training from various directions without getting bored. The rules of each puzzle are simple, but there are 50 deeply selected questions! The total of 4 types of puzzle questions is 200! In order to be impressed by finding the answer, please challenge without looking at the answer. With English explanation!