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Kimoi Eitango Card Board Game 25 verbs Pronunciation / Opinion / Example Sentence
What is a Kimoi Eitango card board game? First in 1 minute
Kimoi Eitango card board game! KIMO / You can also play a camp game!
Kimoi Eato Card
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Kimoi Eitango Card
Last fall, I produced a board game using the Kimoi Eitango Card ®, which is drawn by an active English uncle teacher who runs an English class in Nishio City, Aichi Prefecture, and has a reputation for being "feeling" to students. I am working hard every day with the hope that children will feel the joy of learning "English may be interesting" with situations and impactful pictures that are full of hobbies, running and drawing.
Kimoi Eitango card board game Last updated
Increasingly popular with elementary school students! Speaking of English while playing, it is a Kimoi Eitango card board game. A two-step game in which you first get used to the combination of three English words in a card game, and then advance the pieces while creating your own composition in three words in a board game. In each case, the game is played aloud, so by repeating the game, the meaning and word order of the words will become established. Number of players 1 to 4 / Game time 15 to 30 minutes / Target age 8 years old Contents (1) 8 subject cards (2) 25 verb cards (3) 74 object cards (4) 1 game mat (5) 1 dice (6) 4 pawns (pieces) (7) 15 coins blue (5 kimo) (8) 15 coin yellow (10 kimo) (9) 15 coins red (15 kimo) (10) 15 coin white (20 kimo) (11) 10 coins black (30 kimo) (12) 1 English list (13) 1 manual
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