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Conveyor panic! Promotional video 30 seconds ver. [Game Market 2020 Autumn]
Conveyor panic! Promotional video [Game Market 2020 Autumn]
Watermelon meteor shower
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Watermelon meteor shower
Circle: Watermelon Meteor Shower Illustration, Satsuki Suzuran Game design
Conveyor panic! Last updated
Number of players: 2-4 Play time: Approximately 40 minutes Target age: 8 years old and over Contents ・ 140 cards of 26 types ・ One play mat ・ One manual Game overview This is an extended reproduction game that receives "productivity" from the mechanical animals in your hand and uses it to produce new animals and products. You can also produce "work cards" that have various effects when used. You can gain fame by producing and delivering products. The purpose of this game is to gain a certain amount of fame faster than anyone else. The animals, products, and work cards you produce are added to your hand through your conveyor. Adjust the order and timing to draw in your ideal hand. Aim to become the No. 1 workshop in this city with the animals you created!