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Patty Language PV
How to play "Patty Language"
Putty Language Live 27th 11:00
Patty Language Live 28th 10:00
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Patty language
"Silicon Nendo" is a clay that does not stain your hands or dry when you touch it. It feels good just by connecting with your fingers, so it is sold as a stress-relieving office toy. When I was video chatting with my friends while connecting it, I tried to express something that I could not convey well in words (somehow I forgot w) with silicon clay, and realized that "this may be a game". Was the beginning. Originally I loved "pichonari", so I paid homage to the rules, and it was an interesting game.
Patty language Last updated
This is a party game where you knead Patty to express the theme and have other players hit it. The rules are super simple. Even two people can play. You can also play remotely. Silicone clay does not stain your hands.