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[Board game] Gemma 2021 Spring new work Antique Unfair introduction video
[Board game] Satoyama Satinaburu introduction video
[Board game] Satoyama Satinaburu introduction video (short version)
Mememe's Atelier
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Mememe's Atelier
This is the representative atelier of the game market 2020 spring exhibition. We are exhibiting "Satoyama Satinaburu", a finite definite perfect information game created with the image of an ecosystem. If you are interested, please take a look at the details. I put a link to the game introduction page in the creator URL.
Satoyama Satinaburu Last updated
Game Market This is a satoyama ecosystem game distributed in the spring of 2020. The keyword is "food chain" A well-balanced arrangement of three types of cards: carnivores, herbivores, and plants will enrich the ecosystem. Control the placement of cards well to exterminate alien species or breed native species. The victory of the player who contributed most to the creation of a rich satoyama.