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[Gemma 2020 Autumn] How to beat God thank you PV [Satka 14]
[Arikami Play Video ①] Good rhythm
[Arikami Play Video ②] If you want to be the student council president
[Arikami Play Video ③] Good driving
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It is an organization started by friends who have been making escape games since college. The motto is to be ridiculous, fun, and get along. 2018.03.17 launched
How to beat God Last updated
For the theme (victory condition) that changes every time, choose the character card that is most likely to win in your hand and compete! Sometimes it's settled in an instant, and sometimes it's even a vote after heated discussions. There are a wide variety of character cards in your hand, such as "Yes", "Neat", "Jupiter", and "Demon King". Not only themes such as "alphabetical order" that you can easily understand the victory or defeat, but also "if you want to get along", "what is your driving skill?" There are many things that get hot in the discussion. Knead the helicopters to convince others and grab the victory!