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Geo Japan
Geo Japan develops attractive toys from all over the world under the concept of "ENGAGING TOYS" that both adults and children can be absorbed in.
Chroma cube Last updated
Chroma Cube is a solution puzzle game that develops a sense of color and thinking ability. The goal is to find the correct position for the 12 colorful cubes based on the clues of the subject. Each subject has a starting layout of the color cubes and clues for the remaining cubes. If you think the cubes are in the right place, you can find the answer on the next page of your subject. The theme becomes more and more difficult, so we recommend starting with the first question and clearing the theme in order.
tummple mix Last updated
tummple mix is ​​a more interesting and difficult version of the original game "tummple!". Three types of blocks, red tamples, and timers have been added to the tample mix. The game can be played with either a dedicated card or an app. Players should collect points and proceed with the game without dropping blocks!
Alien & Fish Last updated
Alien & Fish is a game where you can get points by matching the pattern drawn on the block with the related pattern. Check the relationship between the patterns on the block table and aim for high points. The key to winning or losing is how you can increase your points while picking up blocks so that other players will not be able to earn points. Let's match the patterns on the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd side. You can strategically advance the game by pinching blocks on top, sandwiching them, or matching patterns on multiple sides.
tummple! (Tample!) Last updated
tummple! Is a balance game where you use wooden blocks and stones called "tamples" to pick up blocks. Follow the instructions on the dice to pick up the blocks and tample, and the next player will pick them up and proceed. At that time, we will proceed strategically by devising ways to prevent the next player from picking up. The defeated block will be picked up by the defeated player until the end of the game and cannot be used until the end of the game. The game ends when the blocks are used up, and the person with the fewest blocks defeated wins.