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Bodge Producer Oru
Nice to meet you, my name is Oru. This is the first time for Bodge production, and it's still a long way to go, but I'd be happy if you could actually see it at the booth 😊
TTMP (The Test of Magic Power) Last updated
Rules, etc .: A game using dice and cards that even small children can play, created with the theme of "everyone can enjoy playing without fighting regardless of age". Feature (1): The victory condition is "passing the magic test = getting a certain number of points", so I think it's hard to get into a fight with the opponent you play with. Feature (2): The difficulty level can be adjusted by changing the rules to be adopted and the passing score of the exam. Feature ③: While the dice game has a strong luck factor, the chicken race element of when to start the game against the probability of the dice is added, and you can enjoy the tension that simple luck games do not have. Feature ④: Since one round is short, it is easy to switch feelings even if you lose in that round. Feature ⑤: In most cases, all participants may pass, so you can enjoy it to the end. Check the rules on Twitter! → (The link is an explanation video up to the first half, but there is a continuation in the reply)
3,080 tax included